Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Olivero Benjamin

Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Olivero Benjamin first became involved in Antigua and Barbuda’s government more than 30 years ago. He was first appointed to the Senate to the 1st November 1981, where he served two terms, before being elected to the Lower House to represent the constituency of St. John’s City South. He has held on to that seat since 1994, and was eventually elected Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. Mr. Benjamin also served as the Minister of Labour(where he instituted the Job Programme and the Care Programme for the Elderly), Home Affairs, Ecclesiastical Affairs, Public Safety and Co-Operatives. He also acted as Attorney General, Ministry of Legal Affairs, an Adviser on National Security and performed the functions of Minister of Public Works. He introduced the Life Guard Division in the Ministry of Public Safety. He maintains a thriving Legal Practice and has distinguished himself in the Legal Profession.

Even with this heavy load, Mr. Benjamin maintains a close-knit relationship with his constituents and the entire populace of Antigua. He is committed to helping his community, and stays involved all the time. He frequently attends events and programs sponsored by small community organizations, and has given numerous speeches on citizen and community empowerment on local television and radio programmes.

After graduating from the Goodwill Academy and the Antigua Grammar School, Mr. Benjamin went on to attain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and History at the University of the West Indies where he was awarded the distinguished honour of Student of the Year in 1974. His educational journey then took him to the United States and England, where he earned a law degree from the Polytechnic of Central London, eventually being called to the Bar of England and Wales in Trinity 1980. He was enrolled as a Solicitor and admitted to the Bar of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Antigua and Barbuda Circuit, on the 12th January, 1981.

Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Benjamin has been a strong advocate of labour relations, serving as Labour Commissioner, a member of the National Labour Board and as Senior Employment Officer in the Ministry of Labour. He had also acted as a Hearing Officer in labour disputes, using his unique experiences to mediate countless clashes.

Today, Mr. Benjamin is the Attorney General of Antigua and Barbuda, and Minister responsible for Legal Affairs, Labour, Immigration and Police.




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