The Department is the repository of all land records for Antigua following the introduction of the system of registered land in 1975. The Department receives and processes all documents and applications pertaining to land in Antigua. The Department was computerized in 2005 with the installation of Landfolio software and the capacity of the Department to process instruments and applications by computer and to generate reports on the work of the Department has now become very efficient and effective.


The vision of the Land Registry is:-

  1. To provide a Public Access Module to provide online searches and for the users to obtain updated information on the activities and operations of the Land Registry.
  2. To expand the Landfolio software to allow documents to be filed and processed online.
  3. To have all documents in the Land Registry dating back to the 1975 being the commencement of the system of registered land in Antigua and Barbuda, stored electronically.
  4. To utilize the Landfolio software to facilitate inter-departmental linkages to enhance and expand the e-services provided by other Government Departments and in the area of GIS so that the services provided by those departments can be enhanced and expanded to equip the country to meet the challenges of a global community.


The mission of the Land Registry Department is to provide an outstanding service in the processing and retrieval of information utilizing the Landfolio software at a reasonable cost and with full transparency.




Office - (268) 462-0017
Fax - (268) 462-2465
E-mail -
Address - Ministry of Justice & Legal Affairs
Government Complex
P.O. Box 118
Parliament Drive
St. John’s, Antigua